Online Trading

We offer low commission Online Trading (as low as $2.75) with FAST order execution. Choose from four superb online trading platforms - Vision ExpressVision Pro, J-Trader, and TalonWeb.  New developments in electronic trading and electronic communications have been implemented to make them premier online trading interfaces. CFT believes that we will have at least one platform that will fit your needs.

Market Research & Analysis

Timely, unique, and professional Research & Analysis on a wide range of issues relating to commodity futures trading and financial markets. We combine decades of experience in agriculture, hedging, and the futures markets to provide you with unique insights.

Trading Recommendations

Daily Buy/Sell Recommendations are available at no charge to our customers  through broker-assisted trading. Specific daily updated trading recommendations with calculated stops and minimum targets. Based on middle-term price action. We do not simply recommend trades, we trade them for you.

Day-Trading Decisions

Effective trading decisions based on fundamental calculations of the factors controlling the S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones and T-Bond markets. We provide you with a Manageable System capable of trading these futures markets. 

Trading Systems & Models

Advanced Computerized Trading Systems and models suitable for all types of traders and markets. Our trading systems are the next generation of superior system trading technology.

Advanced Technology

Cutting edge technology in information retrieval systems, electronic trading and mathematical computational procedures. We design intelligent trading applications, and provide trading and investment solutions for individual, professional and institutional traders. 

Check out our New Trading Signals distribution platform - System Trader 2.0 - the first server-based product for distributing real time trading charts and "live" trading signals.

 Download System Trader 2.0 now!



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