Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. (CFT) is a commodity brokerage and consulting firm specializing in investment research and computerized trading in commodity futures and options markets. The company offers professional discount brokerage services as well as full service and managed accounts to it's clients. Our goal is to make Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. the best full-service brokerage firm in the industry. 


Commodity Futures Trading, Inc., is a branch office of Cytrade Futures.


From its inception Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. has been committed to excellence in the delivery of its products and services. Using various market technical and fundamental indicators and computer algorithms, the company seeks to minimize losses while increasing potential profit margins. The firm offers its clients quality service, cutting-edge technology, and the highest levels of integrity.


By law, CFT cannot accept nor hold funds for your account.  Commodity Futures Trading, Inc.,  has selected a well respected Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) firm to carry our clients’ trades and funds. All checks and money for your account must be made out to the carrying firm Rosenthal Collins Group.