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   Services & Products

We are very proud to provide a full line of services to all commodity/option traders. Each client with Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. (CFT), deals directly with his/her broker and therefore builds a level of confidence and trust that only a one-on-one relationship can bring. Full-service includes one on one discussion with an experienced licensed broker. 


Exceptional service with your needs in mind. Our brokers treat your accounts with the care and attention you deserve. As our client you enjoy competitive rates and services tailored to your individual needs. Among our quality we offer professional solutions for futures and options traders.  


In addition, Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. has an in-house research and product development department that utilizes cutting edge technology and investment tools to develop and implement superior trading systems and products. Using them can potentially have a powerful impact on your trading. When you open an account with us you not only get excellent customer service, but also up-to-the-date trading research and information.


   Quality Trade Executions and Fills

Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. prides itself on the quality and timeliness of its trade execution. As a client, you will enjoy flat commission rates as well as the ability to place your orders quickly on-line over the Internet or through our professional trade desk. Active and professional traders will also benefit from the ability to place orders electronically through our revolutionary on-line order entry system where you can route your orders DIRECTLY (in select markets) to floor brokers with hand-held devices in the trading pit. Your order is sent directly to the filling broker in the trading pit without any interruption of any kind.


We can assist commodity/option traders to understand how to place commodity orders correctly and explain what the order means to the commodity/option trader. This could be anything from a simple market order, to a market on close/open order, or a spread  order. The experienced trader can expect flash fills in the financial futures and direct trading floor execution in the actively traded agricultural and financial markets.  The novice trader will enjoy the same service plus personalized trading assistance and education from our experienced staff.  We welcome beginning traders, including those that wish to first paper trade.  



We will assist you in developing a trading strategy for any market. This could be anything from the Australian Dollar to Japanese Yen, or possibly Sugar, to Bonds, to the S&P 500. The trading strategy may include commodity futures, options on the commodity or a synthetic futures strategy. We will provide charts to assist in commodity analysis. We are experienced in the use of computerized Technical and Fundamental Analysis and use them to determine wave retracements, as well as wave expansions.  We will take the time to explain what it means to the trader and assist you in understanding commodity and option pricing. Whether you use seasonal formations or sideways channel breakouts, we thoroughly understand these investment strategies and can help you develop your trading approach.


Commodity Futures Trading's brokers and analysts have extensive trading and brokerage experience. For speculators, this experience means that our team of  brokers is able to assist them with the technical and fundamental expertise they need and help them with taking positions in futures based on their personal forecasts and expectations for profit. This combination of technical analysis and fundamental insight help give you a thorough overview of the  markets you are trading.


For hedgers, we have acquired a group of brokers with "real world" experience to help devise a market strategy that works and protects from adverse price movement from a cash transaction planned for some time down the road. Hedging is the most widely acknowledged and strategically effective use of commodities futures trading. With proper use of hedging, an individual or organization can take a position (that is, buy or sell) to transfer and minimize the risk, protect against losses in actual position, and increase profits. Of course the risk of loss still exists.


We also offer customized consulting for commodities traders, potential commodities traders and independent commodities traders. We recommend blending a composite of professional trading systems for purposes of portfolio diversification and smoother performance characteristics in the commodity futures markets. Our goal is to offer the finest trading options available.



Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. provides the commodity/option trader with excellent commodity research to assist them with their commodity market analysis. The research covers all the major commodity markets; any commodity market from soybeans and wheat, to platinum and unleaded gas.


In a rapidly changing global economy, successful trading starts with having the right information. In today's markets, traders demand access to knowledgeable brokers, insightful research, efficient execution, and advanced technology to enhance their ability to make effective trading decisions. We give our clients the tools they need to make those decisions. Our experienced team of analysts provide up to the moment market information and analysis to our clients. Through constant innovation, we maintain a level of service that we believe separates us from the competition.