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Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. (CFT) provides advanced, global futures and options trading and brokerage services 24 hours a day. We are a branch office of Cytrade Futures through Rosenthal Collins Group, that offers excellent service and years of financial stability.


Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. specializes in providing advanced futures and options trading services at discounted commission rates. When you trade through CFT, you benefit from financial strength and security combined with the superior market access and trading services that only an industry leader can provide.



The company's most important resource are the people that work for the company. Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. is not composed of a sales laden staff that is only interested in commission generation. Yes, commissions are how our brokers make their living, yet, our staff is comprised of industry professionals. These industry professionals have background experience in the fields you are interested in. In addition, some of them have academic background at professorship level and research experience in advance science, quantitative analysis and econometrics.


The second important resource for the company are the new developments in information technology, electronic communications and trading, ASP software and computational systems. The company successfully utilizes these as its  technological imperative. Another company asset is the intangible know-how bank of trading technologies, software programming capabilities and applications, and mathematical methods and models.


Finally, Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. has extensive working relations with the industry leaders in commodity trading, brokerage and financial organizations, as well as affiliation with educational and research institutes.



Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. is a brokerage and consulting firm providing world wide commodity futures brokerage and trading solutions. The company uses the cutting edge technology in information retrieval systems, electronic trading and electronic communications, as well as computational procedures.


We design intelligent trading applications, superior automated software tools, advanced mechanical trading systems and provide trading for individual, professional and institutional traders. Our products and services are the next generation of superior system trading technology and are internationally known and well respected.


CFT's trading methodologies and systems are based not only on technical and fundamental analysis, but also on quantitative studying, in analytical form, of the internal performance or action of the markets. 


The secret ingredient in the formula for successful trading is knowledge of the market. There are many good books on trading, and even a few good seminars, still we believe you would be hard pressed to find anything out there similar to or on the same level as the the state-of-the-art line of trading tools and products offered by Commodity Futures Trading, Inc.



CFT's Research Department provides timely, unique, and professional research on a wide range of issues relating to commodity futures trading and financial markets.  We believe we have developed the very best commodity futures testing and trading facilities.


The company is also involved in commodity futures research under nationally and regionally funded educational and research programs and projects.