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Commodity Futures Trading's mission is to place investors in markets that we believe have the most profit potential while attempting to minimize the risk and offering the highest quality of service to our clients including online trading, computerized trading systems and research with the newest technology available.


Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. (CFT) is dedicated to facilitate the trading of futures and options contracts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We value our clients and strive to identify their goals and objectives, and to respond to their trading needs. CFT is guided by the belief that building positive relationships is essential, and through hard work and continuing education we will help you to achieve your goals.


The company management believes medium-term investing is the optimum strategy for our clients investing in commodities. We use a combination of advanced market strategies and technical trading systems, based on quantitative calculations and fundamental assessments to identify a market opportunity. With this strategy in mind, we believe that commodity investing does not have to be a venture, but strong, sound investment decisions made between the client and their personal CFT commodity broker.


We look forward to a long term, prosperous relationship with you. We believe there is no better time to look towards commodities for sound, successful investing. [The risk of loss does exist in commodity and futures trading].