Open Account 

You can open an account electronically by filling out the online E-Forms.

The following account documents are provided for the convenience of our prospective customers and may be freely downloaded.

A link to Adobe Acrobat Reader for all supported platforms is provided. This reader is required for viewing and reproduction of the account forms.


Rosenthal Collins Group - Account Application (163 Kb)
Includes a standard account form with disclosures and information for individual or joint account applicants.
Electronic Trading Agreement
Online trading agreement to be filled out by all accounts who trade online.
Corporate Account Package
Includes all forms for additional types of accounts, including Corporate, Foreign, IRA, and more.
Additional Risk Disclosure
Important additional risk disclosure if your account size does not meet the FCM requirements.
Letter of Direction
For System-Trading accounts
Letter of Discretion (21 Kb)
Includes forms for POA discretionary accounts.
Foreign Trader (10 Kb)
Includes W-8BEN form for non-USA accounts.