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How much money is needed to get started To open an account and start trading futures on commodities you need to meet the margin requirements of the Exchanges and the Clearinghouse. Your Start Up capital will vary for each Client dependent on:

          1. Markets to be traded and their Price Volatility
          2. The type of Customer Position involved
          2. Number of Contracts per Trade
          3. Amount of Risk per Contract

Use the Margin Sheets to determine the amount of Capital required to trade your specific Trading Strategy. 


Contract Specifications.  All trading in futures is conducted via standardized contracts under published exchange rules that spell out in detail all methods of operation and permitted trading procedures. All terms of each contract traded are uniform and fully covered by published rules of the exchange. These include the size of the contract; the delivery month; the grades that are deliverable, including any alternate grades that may be delivered at either a premium or discount from the traded or "basis" price; and the point of delivery.


Margin Sheets. Exchanges or clearinghouses set margins for both clearing firms and customers. When exchanges set minimum margin rates for customers, they generally prescribe both an initial and a maintenance margin level for each contract on each commodity and financial instrument. For a few instruments and for commercial accounts, the initial and maintenance margin rates may be the same. For most contracts, there is difference between the amount of margin that must be deposited when a trade is initiated (initial margin) and the minimum amount of margin the customer must maintain in his or her account at all times to support the open position (maintenance margin).


NOTE:  All margins and contract specifications are subject to change without notice. All margins are SPAN minimums except some spreads and delivery months, which may be higher. Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. reserves the right to change margins at any time.