TalonWeb is an intuitive order entry platform available as both downloadable and web-based versions, capable of the routing and execution of virtually all domestic futures and options. Here are just a few of the many features and benefits you'll enjoy with TalonWeb. For a "Walk-through" of the system please feel free to select our " Enter the next Millennium with Vision " link above: for more details.)

Here are just a few of the many features and benefits you'll enjoy with TalonWeb.

  • Orders bypass an order desk and go directly to the commodity exchange floor
  • Custom program a single page with over 20 live quotes
  • Track your portfolio live, market to market
  • Easy tracking of open orders and working positions
  • Unlike other systems, TalonWeb accepts complicated option and spread orders
  • Superfast transmission and receipt of orders
  • Receive Java charts (from our Quotes and Charts area)

Browser based with no downloading, TalonWeb is so easy to use and understand, a child could do so. Traders now can enjoy more features and benefits while rising to a higher level of trading! TalonWeb represents the state of the art and we believe it to be the ultimate internet order entry system. Superfast, reliable, secure, and fun, TalonWeb routes your orders directly to the floor of the commodity exchanges for prompt execution and reporting of fills. For example, on E-Mini S&P 500 market orders, you can typically receive your fills in less than 5 seconds!

TalonWeb uses the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's CUBS System in the S&P, NASDAQ, and Hog Contracts.IOXM uses the Chicago Board of Trade's electronic system for :

  • Soymeal
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Corn
  • Bonds 30 Year
  • T-Notes 10 Year
  • Notes 5 Year
  • Dow
This helps ensure traders receive fills in only a matter of seconds!

For most traders, our browser-based edition of TalonWeb is more than sufficient to satisfy their Internet order execution needs. However, for the trader who wants a few seconds faster transmission of orders and receipt of fills, with the ability to type in the order, as opposed to selecting from menus, our new downloadable version of TalonWeb is now available. This version takes only seconds to download and is extremely easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded it, you never have to do so again. We suggest trying the downloadable version and then judging for yourself if you prefer it over the browser-based version. If you would like this new downloadable version of TalonWeb, click the "Download GUI Version" link below.

For further information please select from the following:

If you have already received your TalonWeb application acknowledgement and would like to begin trading please click here:

  • Web Login 
    (Requires Account # and Pin# to access facility)

The following versions contain the new "Park-Order" feature available from the Order Preview/Read-Back screen:

To view and print the forms above requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this reader, you can download it free at Adobe's website.

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Why does IOXM make other Internet order entry systems virtually obsolete? Judge for yourself by testing this demo model. You'll see for yourself how easy it is to use and the many features you can enjoy!

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If you are having difficulty logging on to TalonWeb please contact 800-241-0339 or e-mail iag@ia-group.net

Please note that your master account number and PIN may not coincide with the account number and pin assigned to you for online trading through a specific system. If you are unsure of your account number and PIN, or are having difficulty logging in, please contact your broker.