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The Commodity Futures Trading Classes will provide
professional education investment strategies, which today is considered one of the most strategically important keys to unlocking the full potential and power of the financial marketplace. Today, the continuing education is a way of life. The Trading Classes programs have been created to meet this demand, providing lifelong learning in a rapidly changing world.


   Course Description

Commodity Futures Trading (CFT) offers the finest program of professional study in futures and options. Our company uses the talents of proven experts to form a learning foundation that uniquely blends leading theories with practical applications.


We offer comprehensive intermediate and advanced courses in commodities trading starting quarterly. These are designed for persons who have a basic knowledge of futures trading. If you have decided that you want to trade commodities, full-time or part-time, for your own account, these courses will provide you with everything you need to start and run your operations.


The Commodity Futures Trading courses are comprehensive guides to commodity futures trading and money saving tips on establishing effective trading operations. It will help you trade futures successfully using the right methods and best trading tools, and greatly enhance the possibility of you trading commodities profitably and consistently, with reduced risk. [Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. There is risk of loss in futures and options trading].


The courses can be taken on an individual basis with a certificate of completion awarded when course requirements are met. The Trading Course features include:


   Comprehensive and interactive learning environment.

   Access to your personal instructor to ask questions.

   Take the course at your own pace and receive a Certificate of Completion.

   For both future market and options market investors.  

  Course Objectives

  To introduce the students to commodity futures and option markets. In that process the students will develop an understanding of the markets as an institution and how they work, identify their economic functions, and develop an analytical capability to evaluate the economic usefulness of these markets. 


  To understand the basic underlying price relationships between cash and futures markets, how to apply this information to analyze alternative market strategies, and how to apply them for trading and business risk-management decisions. 


  To obtain a working knowledge and practical experience in computerized trading and speculations in agricultural and non-agricultural commodities, stock indexes, interest rates, foreign currency futures contracts as well as options on futures contracts.


  Meet the Instructor

Our team of Instructors is led by Lubomir Gueorguiev, Ph.D., Director R&D and Executive Vice-President of Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. He will make sure that you are comfortable with the learning environment and that you will have all your questions answered to your satisfaction. You may E-mail your questions to our team at any time and we will respond quickly via E-mail, usually within several hours during regular business hours.

Dr. Lubomir M. Gueorguiev, is teaching Commodity and Futures Trading Classes at Purdue University. Dr. Gueorguiev has served as a President and V.P. of Computer Network Communications, Inc., TradeNet Int'l, LLC and L&T Financial Services Corporation.  Formerly, he held high level academic and research positions in Nuclear and Space Physics at National and International research laboratories and universities.

Dr. Gueorguiev has entered the capital markets industry as an Institutional Trader and President of Investment Club. As a Director R&D he created and successfully executed Stock Trading Strategies such as Operating Cycle Analysis, Earning Estimates Trading, NASDAQ Level II Machine, etc. He was responsible for development of standards and indicators for all aspects of market performance and for provision of economic and financial analysis. He has also implemented systems to capture & track key financial, statistical and productivity data.

Dr. Gueorguiev is a commodity futures trader and consultant to domestic and international clients. He has extensive experience in analysis and prediction of US Economy measurement indicators and their impact on the markets, as well as in commodity futures trading system development, testing and optimization. His proprietary research and studies in Financial Investment Analysis & Commodity Futures Trading include development of computational techniques and advanced computerized trading systems and models. Dr. Gueorguiev is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor.


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