The broker-assisted account is a dedicated broker service. It is designed for the trader who needs or prefers full service attention and support from a professional broker. 


If you are a new trader who needs assistance with placing orders, contract values, option strategies, or a myriad of other execution questions, or you are an experienced trader but prefer supplemental broker advice and full attention or require information on a particular market and placing futures and option orders in markets you do not regularly trade, our brokers will provide you the level of service on your command and assist you in complicated transactions (i.e. spreads, hedges, etc.).


In addition, you will receive daily trading recommendations and advisory services from our research department. Our traders will offer technical and fundamental analysis of the Futures & Options Markets. 


With a Broker Assisted Account all traders will have the following Key Benefits:

  Personally Assigned Broker -  Dedicated broker service.

  Daily Trading Recommendations.

  Flash Fills Execution and Reporting.

  Premier Service with Support and Guidance.

  Unlimited Consultation.

  Unlimited Order Management and Risk Management Assistance.

  Trading at Exchange Minimum Margins.

  Commercial Hedge Account Services.

Executing your orders with a live broker and having trading advice offers invaluable assistance. Information about prevailing market conditions and consulting with a market professional may reduce the probability of loss from common novice mistakes.


If you have questions or would like more information about our Broker-Assisted accounts or other trading services, please call Toll Free 1-866-226-8181, E-mail or send an Electronic Request.