The following categories represent the variety of services Commodity Futures Trading (CFT) offers.


Online Self-Directed (Discount)  ...More

This account is for individuals who have the expertise to make his or her own trading decisions and who require the lowest possible commission; fast, quality executions; and impeccable service. With online order-entry system you transmit your orders via the Internet (electronically), directly to the Pit or to the Exchange floor in real time (in as little as 2.5 seconds).


Special arrangements can be made where the self-directed, discount trader (dialing a toll-free number) calls direct and is connected to the trading terminals and the floors of commodity exchanges worldwide!


Broker-Assisted (Full Service)  ...More

With a broker-assisted account, you receive an enhanced level of trading support from an experienced Futures Trading Strategist. Ranging from assistance with order placement, to placing contingency orders, to providing specific trade recommendations, to having your broker act as a sounding board for your trading ideas, you select the level of assistance that fits your objectives. You control your account and no trades are ever initiated without your knowledge and permission.


Your full service broker will work with you each day, providing as much attention as you require to develop and continuously refine and implement your trading plan, using proven risk management techniques.


Your broker will proactively recommend trades that are appropriate for you and your trading style while assisting you with research activities and placing of orders. Your broker will keep you connected to the exchange floors. Our brokers add real value to your trading and can help make the difference between profits and losses!


System-Trading Accounts  ...More

System-Trading account program is designed for the busy individuals who utilizing a trading system, but does not have the time to trade and manage their account. Many systems require constant monitoring where a trader must be "glued" to a trading terminal. Using a broker can eliminate virtually all the work associated with trading a system. Additionally, a broker can assist you in placing the system orders in the market as an objective third party. It eliminates the temptation to deviate from the system. Brokers watch their screens all day so traders do not have to follow the markets. 


CFT specializes in operating  trading systems for customers who do not have the time or inclination to operate a trading system. CFT places the system generated orders while the investor maintains the control over his trading account;  directing CFT what system to trade, when to start or strop trading, and how many contracts to trade. CFT auto-trades both professionally developed third party systems as well as trader developed personal systems. 


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