If your trading plan includes utilizing a third-party trading system or a system that you have developed yourself, the System-Trading account program will assist you in your trading activity. Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. (CFT) can implement the trading system of your choice and alleviate you of having to be tied to the market all day.


You will be able to monitor your system trading through our "Client Login" section that will provide you with Real-time dynamic account updates that mark all of your open positions to the market, so you'll know exactly how your system is doing every step of the way.


How the System-Assisted Account program works

Investors who utilize a trading system can use the services of CFT's System-Trading or Broker Assisted accounts through the professional services of CFT brokers who provide exceptional system management. The customers can choose a trading system that accommodates his/her needs, criteria and trading style.


The trading systems signals are executed for you by one of our brokers.  With us, you have access to your account 24 hours a day. With an on-line account you can see your position and equity in real-time, get real-time quotes, and enter orders online. But again, there's no need for you to enter your orders for the trading system you choose because an CFT broker can do that for you.


System-Assisted account includes:

1. A new trading account with Commodity Futures Trading, Inc.

2. A Letter of Direction to our traders to trade your account.

3. Trades which follow the system-based signals.

4. Same day phone, fax or e-mail trade notification from the broker.

5. Next day written trade confirmation mailed to you.

6. Ability to withdraw or add capital to your account at any time.


If you already know a little about futures and options, but do not want to start trading on your own, please see the system-assisted program Terms and Conditions.  


If you have questions or would like more information about System-Trading accounts or other trading services, please call Toll Free 1-866-226-8181, E-mail or send an Electronic Request.