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Trading in Futures: An Introduction for Speculators

The Financial Integrity of the U.S. Futures Markets

Action in the Marketplace

The booklet provides a thorough introduction to speculating for those who have had only minimal exposure to the futures market.  The key to avoiding the pitfalls of futures speculation and reaping the financial rewards is to develop your trading skills and market knowledge. The CBOT created this booklet to help you take the first step. 

This leaflet has been prepared as a service to the investing public by the National Futures Association. Trading volume in futures contracts and options on futures on U.S. markets has risen to more than 500 mil. contracts annually. A requisite for this growth has been the financial integrity of the futures markets. While trading in futures obviously involves risks related to price changes, market participants have historically had little reason to be concerned about the security of their funds.


This booklet provides the futures investors with clear basic concepts about variety of issues related to the commodity futures trading: why we need futures markets; organization of a futures exchange - CBOT; the purpose of the futures markets; the trading process; the auction in action; safeguarding the marketplace; CBOT building and trading floors. Reading through this brochure you will gain insight not only into the CBOT and the futures industry, but also the global marketplace.  




The Basics on Futures & Options

CBOT Financial Options Strategies Menu

Options on Futures: An Introductory Guide

The brochure was written by the Kansas City Board of Trade to give you some basic insight into how futures and options markets work. Futures and options markets play a vital role in today's economy, and provide a valuable service both to industry and to individuals. For some investors they can provide the opportunity to diversify and to increase their returns.  

Illustrates how you can use the CBOT Financial Options  investment and risk management strategies. Presents a useful resource that shows you how to combine market outlook and volatility readings in your effort to locate the strategies that will best serve your needs. Explores various options strategies and gives step-by-step process to assist you in choosing the right option strategy. 


Of all the products introduced by the CME, none can match the versatility of options on futures. They allow the trader the potential to profit in virtually any market environment. However, before you incorporate options into your trading, you should investigate the risks, nomenclature and strategic uses of these instruments. The more background you have in options, the more likely you will be able to take full advantage of these powerful financial instruments. 


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