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Book: "Strategies for the Electronic Futures Trader" Systems and strategies for short term futures trading. Published by McGraw Hill. Sold at $49.95.

Audio Tape: "How to Catch Major Price Moves" Easy instructions on how to potentially participate in major commodity moves. Sold at $23.00.

Trading Mind Software - subliminal training software on CD to improve trader discipline. Sold at $65.

Binder: The Best of Bernstein: 69 articles disclosing the best of Jake's market wisdom. Sold at $69.00.

MBH Commodity Letter - Three months free subscription: One of the oldest and most established commodity letters today. Published each week and available through the internet, this valuable newsletter provides in-depth analysis of the commodity markets, including trends, timing, cycles, etc. Traders have been buying and using this valuable trader's tool for over 20 years paying $895 per year! Three months, $300 value.

Act now while supplies last! This offer is only for serious futures traders or individuals seriously interested in trading futures. Sorry, not available to students, brokers, or individuals not in the financial position for commodity trading!

Futures trading is not suitable for all investors. The risk of loss inherent in futures trading can be substantial. An investor could potentially lose more than the initial investment.

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